EDC448 Additional Readings

From here, you can access an electronic version of your readings or activity sheets for our class assignments.

Day 1: EDC 448 Student Information Sheet/Interest Inventory
Please print out and complete before our 2nd class.

Day 2: Research Based Reading Comprehension Instruction

Comprehension Strategy Self-Assessment Assignment: (this will be explained on Thursday) Due Tuesday Jan 31
If you'd prefer to type your comments/reflections into the chart, you can download a digital version of the assignment here

Day 3: Asking Questions

DAY 4: Metacognitive Conversations

DAY 5: Structuring a Content-Area Reading/Thinking Lesson

Homework to read before class:

DAY 5: Diverse Text Assignment (Related Reading)

DAY 6: Reading Reports on Adolescent Literacy

DAY 7: Feb 14. Getting Their Attention with Anticipation Guides and Picture Books in Your Content Area

DAY 8: Feb 16. Getting Their Attention Part 2: Picture Books and Interactive Websites
  • Homework To Complete Before Class:
    • Read Doug Beuhl's Chapter 4 (7 pages): Consolidating Understanding with Fact Pyramids (the hierarchy of knowledge)
    • Read #11. Wood, K. D., Lapp, D., Flood, J., & Taylor, D. B. (2008). Extended anticipation guide: Guiding readers through text: Strategy guides for new times. Newark, DE: International Reading Association.
    • Explore Interactive Websites and post your reflections on the wiki by selecting the "click here" link after each content area heading 1. Explore at least TWO websites in your content area. Try to explore websites that are different than the other people in your content area group.
      2. Use the wikispace to take notes on how you might use these resources to ACTIVATE, ASSESS, or BUILD students prerequisite knowledge about a specific topic.
  • Class Activity: Explore content area picture books and websites and reflect on the Getting Their Attention Google Docs
    • David Coleman's Literacy Discussion of Common Core State Standards: listen to controversial ideas in this video
    • Unleashing Technology to Individualize Learning - Series of videos from Education Week

DAY 9: Feb 21 Building and Connecting Prior Knowledge with Extended Anticipation Guides
  • Homework to Complete Before Class
    • #10.Graseck, S. (2009). Teaching with controversy. Educational Leadership, 67, 45-49.
    • Draft extended anticipation guide statements for YOUR guide and YOUR PARTNER's guide and locate a relevant website for each guide. Bring to class and be prepared to work with your partner to select the best statements. You can use the Ning to copy/paste the website addresses if it's easier to share with your partner this way - that's up to you.
  • Class Activity: Work with your partner to select the best statements for both of your anticipation guides and then incorporate websites to extend your guide.
  • OPTIONAL RESOURCES (Other ideas for thinking about your Extended Anticipation Guide):

See Page 2 of handouts