EDC448 Class Slideshows Spring 2011
Download each slideshow before class to follow along and use as a reference after class. More importantly, these can be useful summaries of key ideas and activities to include in your assignments.

Jan. 25: Course Introduction and Anticipation Guide and Interest Inventory

Jan. 27: Framing Disciplinary Literacy

Feb. 1: Research-Based Reading Comprehension Strategies

Feb. 3: Metacognitive Conversations and Three Parts of A Good Lesson

Feb. 8: Structuring a Content-Area Reading/Thinking Lesson

Feb. 10: Research-Based Instructional Practices for Adolescent Literacy

Feb. 15: Getting Their Attention I: Activating Knowledge with Anticipation Guides

Feb. 17: Getting Their Attention II: Potentials of Picture Books and Interactive Websites

Feb. 22: Getting Their Attention III: Anticipating and Connecting Knowledge (in-class creation of your own anticipation guide)

Feb. 24: Identifying Readability Concerns

March 1: Examining Content Area Textbooks (In the Curriculum Library)

March 3: Vocabulary Workshop: The Levels of Knowing A Word

March 15: Critical Reading and Questioning Strategies: QAR and RAFT Strategies

March 17: Critical Reading and Questioning Strategies: Reading on the Internet

March 29: Using Assessments to Guide Learning

March 31: Using Scoring Rubrics to Guide Learning

April 5: Supporting Your Lesson Plan Development (in-class checklist to share with your partner)

April 7: Exploring Informational Text Structures and Graphic Organizers

April 12: Connecting Ideas with New Technologies

April 13: Extending Learning with New Technologies

April 28: Writing to Learn: Found Poems