EDC448 Reading Guides

Reading Guide 1 for Blog Post #1:
Rethinking Content Area Instruction in Today’s Digital Times
Laura Robb's Chapter 1, Frontline Video Segment, and Sara Kajder Chapter 2

Reading Guide 2
Frontloading: The Key To Comprehension from Beuhl's Chapter 2

Reading Guide 3
Readability and Vocabulary Instruction
(Stahl, 2003) Vocabulary & Readability: How Knowing Word Meanings Affects Comprehension
(Schwartz & Raphael, 1985) Concept of definition: Key to improving students’ vocabulary

Reading Guide 4
Formative Assessments to Guide Teaching and Learning
(Guskey, 2008) The Rest of the Story
(Wood, Taylor, Drye, & Brigman, 2009) Assessing Students' Understanding of Informational Text