Spring 2015 Diverse Text Set Assignments

From this page, you can create and link to your Text Set Assignment in order to share your work with your classmates.

  • You will be asked to post your completed Text Assignment before class no later than March 26.
  • You are encouraged to explore text sets from previous semesters to see the range of topics already created. Text sets with stars before the link indicate high-quality assignments.

Spring 2015 Class List
  • Make sure you are logged into the wikispace. If you are not, create a login and password (upper right corner). A join request will be sent to my email for me to confirm you as a member with posting privileges.
  • To post your assignment, click on the link created for your name in the table below and you will get to your own wikipage.
  • Select the edit button on the wikispace and copy/paste your annotated text from your Diverse Text Set Assignment (in Microsoft Word) into the wiki. You should see your whole assignment on the page (rather than just a link to a file to download).
  • You may need to do a bit of spacing text so it looks neat and organized on the screen. You can use the toolbar to make things bold or change the font size.
  • Remember to click the "Save" button each time you make any changes before you leave the page.

1. Jaclyn Correia
2. Travis Crocker
3. Gregory Dagit
4. Tracey Dann
5. Lauren Demattio
6. Dylan DiPalma
7. Matthew Gama
8. Erin Hall
9. Austin Hevey
10. Allie Hirsch
11. James Larson
12. Amanda Lemos
13. Yvette Littman
14. Mercedes Matson
15. Ben McAndrew
16. Rachel Kiley
17. Sarah Murphy
18. Dan Murray
19. Andrew Oaklund
20. Sabrina Pereira
21. Katie Salvadore
22. Neal Simmons