1. Complete Tackling the Text Think-Aloud Scripts for at least two locations in your text. Highlight the location on the text, write your script in the left column, and the M&MDAAVISS strategy(s) you modeled on in the right column. PLEASE ATTACH YOUR 1-2 PAGES OF ACTIVE READING EVIDENCE! (margin notes). Download assignment here:

Use this reminder to help identify the M&MDAAVISS strategies you might focus on in your think-aloud:

2. You have five options for how to prepare and turn in your assignment:
  • Write (neatly) your think-aloud dialogue on paper using the template you received in class
  • Type your think-aloud into the digital form of the template you download from the wikispace box from last class
  • Record your comments using the app Educreations [Free] on an ipad - uses screenshots or photos - Here's a short tutorial
  • Record your comments using the app Noteability ($1.99) on an iPad - uses pdf files. Here's a short tutorial
  • Record your comments on your laptop from a scanned in text or an online website using Jing (free for 5 minutes; $30 for full version) - Here's several short tutorials.

3. Come to class prepared to conduct a think-aloud lesson with 3-4 of your classmates, get feedback and reflect on your lesson, and then hand in your script and feedback.
Please note: If you make a digital version:
  • you can email me the link and/or share it with me at jcoiro@snet.net so I have access to it. Optimally, you should hand in some kind of script that has a record of your thinking as well as labels for the strategy/thinking you modeled; if it fits into your video, you could certainly be explicit with labels of the thinking strategies you are using in your video to avoid duplicating your digital version with a written piece.
  • When you teach your digital lesson in class, feel free to share parts of your digital creation, but please prepare to teach at least part of your lesson face to face so you have practice thinking-aloud in front of real students.

EXTRA Resources if you are interested: