Effective Vocabulary Instruction


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Ideas for Effective Instruction

Readability Issues and Disciplinary Vocabulary Instruction

Digital Vocabulary Scaffolds

CLASS ACTIVITY: Vocabulary Activities to Introduce and Explore The Meaning of New Concepts

1. Domain: Science
Vocabulary: Types of Rock
Activity: Semantic Feature Analysis (download worksheet)
LINK: 40 Common Minerals - Tungsten, Silver, Feldspar & more

2. Domain: Math
Vocabulary: Mixed Math Concepts
Activity: Interact with online simulations to explore characteristics and examples of math concepts. Then choose one term to
describe using the Frayer Model.
LINK: A Maths Dictionary for Kids 2008

3. Domain: History
Vocabulary: Using Terms Associated With A Historical Event
Activity: Possible Sentences
LINK**: Triangle Shirtfire from History Matters
EXPLORE MORE: The Triangle Factory Fire Online Museum