EDC448 Integrated Lesson Plan Assignment

Purpose: If you’re a beginning teacher, you may have been waiting for someone to teach you exactly how to plan a lesson in your content area. If you’re an experienced teacher, you surely do not need to learn how to plan a lesson in your content area, but you may not quite know how to integrate literacy instruction into your usual lessons. For all teachers in this course, you will use the RI state curriculum lesson plan template to write a lesson plan that not only teaches content, but also explicitly teaches literacy (e.g., reading and writing) within your content area.

1. EDC 448 students will choose two quality content-area texts appropriate for middle or high school readers and design an integrated lesson plan around these texts.
2. Students will follow the lesson plan guidelines directly below for preparing a content-literacy lesson. (All parts are included in this file, but they are also separated out below).

Product: For EDC448, each student will design and present to a classmate an integrated content literacy lesson featuring two quality content-area texts. Within this lesson, the student will detail a plan using an adapted version of the Rhode Island curriculum lesson plan template that incorporates explicit instruction of a thinking strategy, explicit connections to real-life content specific tasks, a graphic organizer, and a technology component. The lesson plan will make reference to the appropriate RIPTS, Common Core State Standards in English/Language Arts Grades 5-12, and relevant learning objectives outlined in the state/national content curriculum for the appropriate discipline.

STEP 1. Complete the Backwards Design organizer to help you plan your lesson for your lesson plan meeting with Dr. Coiro. Bring this to your meeting.
You got a hard copy of this in class (the yellow sheet) but if you lost it, please download here.

STEP 2. LESSON PLAN TEMPLATE - Please download the Lesson Plan Template and use it to frame the structure of the file you hand in.

PLEASE NOTE: The first two pages of this file are the Self-Evaluation Checklist that MUST be FULLY COMPLETED and turned in with your lesson plan assignment.
You should print out pages 1-2, complete, and staple to the front of your assignment. The remaining pages 4-6 are the Lesson Plan Assignment Template that you can use to type into for your actual assignment - and then print out when you are finished.

Please download the Lesson Plan Reflection Template to hand in with your final lesson plan after you teach your mini-lesson in class.

To review elements of backwards design and how to write learning objectives, download the lesson plan development slide show from class.

Samples of quality lesson plan assignments completed in previous semesters:**